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After the reconstitutions of the State of Bihar, Jharkhand State came into existence on the 15th of November, 2000. Having approximate 1400 mm of annual rainfall the new state was extremely backward in respect of Agriculture – Production and Productivity. Continuous erosion & lack of moisture in the Soil, hilly areas, huge quantity of agricultural waste & fallow land, traditional method of farming etc. were  the major reasons that the agricultural production & productivity of the state was not flourishing. To control all the aforesaid irrelevant practices the Government felt the need of a specified directorate and thus Soil Conservation Directorate came into existence vide the Government resolutioon no. 1016 dt. 17.04.2007 under the administrative control of Agriculture & Sugarcane Development Department of Jharkhand Government.


Notices and Vacancies

27/02/2014PR-106941, Rate of list enlistment bidders_2014 (Letter No. 232 dt. 10.02.2014)

27/02/2014PR-62848, Rate of list enlistment bidders_2014 (Letter No. 289 dt. 13.02.2014)

27/02/2014Re-Tender Post Harvest Management Advt.

27/02/2014Re-Tenders are invited for Purchase of "Agriculture Implements/Machines /Mini/Small Tractors_2014

27/02/2014Re-Tender For 'B'- JAMTTC

04/02/2014Tender Post Harvest Management‏

04/02/2014Tender For 'B'- JAMTTC

04/02/2014Tender For Agriculture implements_Jan. 2014‏


11/11/2013List of Rate Contract of different Agriculture ImplementEquipmentMachinery to be Procured by Farmers on Subsidy basis for the year 2013-14‏

08/10/2013Notices and Vacancies - List of Qualified Bidders (PR No.-62848 (Agril.)2013-14 Finical Bid information, Ltr. no. 987 dt. 07.10.13)‏

12/07/13Cancellation Of Tender - Agri. Empm. dev. Plan P.R. No. 101031(Land Reforms)13-14

12/07/13Cancellation Of Tender - Post har. mag. pr. No. 100740(Land Reforms)13-14.pdf

26/06/13Tender For Mini Tractor etc

19/06/13Tender Post harvest management [Advt. Prabhat Khabar Dated-19.06.2012‏]

17/06/13Advt. No. 100695 (Agriculture)13-14

12/05/13Tender Procurement list of item 3rd time. [Papercutting] PR62848(AGRICULTURE) 13-14

22/04/13Paper Cutting of NRAA Vacancy (P.M. - Agril., Agril. Engg., Horticulture., Watershed & Data Entry Operator)

17/04/13Invitation for submitting applications for providing services on Contractual/ Deputation/ Re-employment basis at the State Level under “Pilot Project on Rice Fallow for sustainable livelihood development in Jharkhand”.

19/03/13Tender For 'B'- JAMTTC

04/02/13Office Order No.-139 Dated-29.01.2013 - J.E (Agr.Eng.) Wating List Selection

31/01/13Tender Post Harvest Management

04/01/13 J.E (Agril. Engg.) Posting (Offiice order 1913 dt. 29.12.2012




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Rate list of Item wise Enlist Bidders (2nd List of Rate)

Rate list of Item wise Enlist Bidders (1st list of rate_Part-II)‏

Rate list of Item wise Enlist Bidders (1st list of rate_Part-I)

Pani Panchayat Guide Lines-2011‏

कृषि यांत्रिकीकरण प्रोत्साहन योजना प्रखंड स्तरीय कृषि यंत्र उपकरण बैंक की स्थापना पर अनुदान हेतु आवेदन का विहित प्रपत्र [Papercutting]

कृषि यांत्रिकीकरण प्रोत्साहन योजना कृषि यंत्र पर अनुदान हेतु आवेदन का विहित प्रपत्र

Rate List & Letter No.-1325 dated 22.08.2012‏

Krishi Yantrikikaran Protsahan Yojna Karyanwayan Anudesh
a.Download FM Guide Line Book

b.Download FM Guide Line Book Cover

(This guideline is very useful for agriculture and soil conservation officers for planning of schemes in 12th plan.)

* Publication-Common Guideline for Watershed Development Projects.

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